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Would you like an overview of our new decors? No problem: simply pay a visit to our virtual exhibition. In the decor gallery, you can find selected highlight decors, which match the contemporary zeitgeist and the needs of the market in equal measure. Let yourself be inspired.

timber decors


The appearance of the decor Linn resembles that of unblemished wood from a lime tree with a decidedly silky soft look that inspires the onlooker to experience the haptic feel.

Characteristics: full and cut flowers

Application: surface

Article: 12027788


A balanced play on colour, light and dark reflections, highly varied knot formations, full flowers and occasional cracks make this floor allover into a unique individual item with a subtly rustic appearance. 

Characteristics: knots, full flowers, brushed, subtly rustic, rich in detail, dynamic movement

Application: Floor allover

Article: 12032228


Our Washington floor creation presents a timeless effect with the classic character of wood. This oak decor radiates a natural elegance with its soft transitions between flowery and striated sections, sparse, diminutive knots, pith rays an well-balanced play on colour.

Characteristics: flowers, serene arrangement, sparse knots, classic and elegant

Application: Floor allover

Article: 12032049

Eiche Ribbeck

The playfully lively look is generated by generous flower impressions harmoniously combined with subtle miniature mirrors.

Characteristics: without planking, cut flowers, enhanced nature

Application: Surface

Article: 12018868

Esche Belarus

The "Belarus" decor has a wildly elegant look reminiscent of ash. The untamed beauty highlighted with colour texture in lively flowers creates a relaxed impression of infinite proportions.

Characteristics: Inclusions in the flowers, slightly planked

Application: kitchen, living room, bathroom

Article: 12018868

San Marco

San Marco is an elegant walnut decor with a gentle play of colour and refined pore pattern.

Characteristics: striated, elegant, meandering movements, free of knots, gentle play of colour, refined pore pattern

Application: Furniture, doors, caravans and interior design

Article: 12031521


The Chengdu decor displays slightly-diagonal, converging lines.

Characteristics: Slightly-diagonal, converging lines, radial formations, marquetry character

Application: Surfaces - body, front

Article: 12030431


The appearance is completed by subtle mirror effects, individual knots and restrained planking.

Characteristics: Striking cracks, extended and outlined flowers, restrained planking, subtle mirror effects, individual knots

Application: Suface - base unit, front panel, tables, wardrobes

Article: 12031406


Grimspound presents an original moorland oak with peaceful elegance and light planking effect.

Application: Surface - furniture, kitchen, bathroom, caravan, doors, panels

Article: 12031507

stone decors


The décor Marès is a sandstone impression with delicate cracks and inclusions.

Characteristics: grainy, minimalist cracks and Inclusions

Application: kitchen, home furnishings, bathroom furniture

Article: 12032392


The design Karlsbad is an elegant fine-grained marble impression with a distinct depth effect.

Characteristics: directionless, white veins, fine-grained

Application: surface allover – worktop, bathroom, home furniture

Article: 12030142


Bernini looks like a generous marble with quartz inclusions.

Characteristics: large area, quartz inclusions, wild elegance

Application: Worktops, Floor

Article: 12027176


San Sebastian

Classic in black and interspersed with veins, our San Sebastian decor is reminiscent of one of the most sought-after Spanish natural stones, the Nero Marquina.

Characteristics: crisscrossed by veins, veins can be partially coloured, plain sections calm and pure

Application: Worktops, fronts, tables

Article: 12031097


Adroise de Laval

Adroise de Laval is an understated yet highly expressive slate decor.

Characteristics: Large scale, highly expressive, three-dimensional depth effect, directionless

Application: Area, worktops, frontal panels

Article: 12031877

fantasy decors


Our Haithabu decor gives the perfect impression of felt, its three-dimensional look conveys genuine softness and depth.

Characteristics: Felt, directionless, allover

Application: kitchen, living, bathroom, interior

Article: 12027904

High Five

High Five presents a contemporary, sophisticated herringbone pattern with line fields arranged at an angle of 45 degrees.

Article: 12023015


The design “Griff” simulates a scratched surface with a three-dimensional effect.

Characteristics: scratched surface, used look, industrial charm, three-dimensional effect, directionless

Application: surface allover

Article: 12028923


Rocket has the appearance of metal or flamed sheet metal.

Characteristics: industial charm, large area, non-ferrous metal optics

Application: allover, wall, front, worktops, flooring

Article: 12028409


Fresh from the Design-Lab:
The decor of the month May

Blue Mountain


Eucalyptus, stripy, exotic


surface, furniture, interior design

About the decor Blue Mountain

Fashioned out of exquisite, high-quality eucalyptus wood, the Blue Mountain furniture design is a truly exceptional eye-catcher. Its naturally straight-grained wood gives it an exotic touch. The eucalyptus brings out a room’s features and can be combined in many different ways thanks to its unique and soft mix of colours, which is further enhanced by a matching metallic cylinder. Blue Mountain transforms living spaces into a ‘work of living art’.



digitally printed decors

Viamala Eiche

Viamala is a digital design - the width of the special rods can be individually scaled. The wood structure has a restrained oak grain and a subtle play of colours.

Application: Furniture, front, accent
Characteristic: rods optics/3-dimensional joint, digital

Toro und Megatron

A noble leather impression that can only be realized digitally in this special combination with the impressive Megatron, a noble, puristic design.

Application: Application, surface
Design Characteristic: hand flattering leather structure

Minerva Shriveled und Visby Oak

Minerva, consisting of fine cross stitches reminds of homely times and thus meets the current spirit of time. In combination with the discreet oak Visby Oak, a completely new look is created.

Application: Surface, Caravan
Description: cut flowers, handcrafted, graphical