Fascination Caravan - Atmospheric design meets technical sophistication

The yearning for freedom, nature and the open road has created a boom in the caravan industry over a number of years now. Conversely, the interior life of caravans is frequently a stark contrast to the thrill of freedom. SURTECO designer Valentina Schmidt demonstrates that caravans can also be cool and creative. She teamed up with veteran market expert Mathias Giggenbach to create a vehicle for us that is contemporary and laid-back.

What defines a successful concept for the interior design of a caravan?

The styling starts off with a layout plan. This establishes the atmosphere and the style within the vehicle. The special design experience is then created through the decors and the colour concept. Interior design plays a key role in the caravan because it influences the sense of wellbeing experienced within. Consumers are often unable to put their finger precisely on the causes of perceived “incongruities”. But they are not slow to decide when it’s not what they’re looking for. Good design exerts an indirect effect and makes an impact subconsciously.

A caravan is old-fashioned and conservative.
That’s simply not true.

Although camping is undoubtedly not a new concept, mobile living is currently experiencing a big increase in popularity. The caravan is going up in the world to become a chic, mobile living unit, and purchasers’ aspiration to design their own individual camping vehicle is on the rise. SURTECO is making a crucial contribution to the transformation of the caravan interior with its innovative surfaces and individual designs. The Haithabu decor provides a felt finish that introduces a textile decor into the caravan over a large surface. This would have been inconceivable just two years ago.


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