Popular, elegant, in vogue - The unique appeal of black

The colour black has many meanings. Black stands for something different depending on the context. However, black also embodies elegance, classic simplicity and a special kind of aesthetics. These last attributes in particular have made the colour black an all time favourite, from the fashion industry to furniture – and black has also started to take over in living environments where white has long dominated. Let’s turn our attention to one of the most stylish colours in our everyday lives.

Those who remember Coco Chanel will be thinking of the little black dress. In 1926, the American fashion magazine Vogue wrote the following caption under the design for a black sheath dress by the French fashion designer: “This simple dress will become a sort of uniform for all women of taste.” But it is not just the little black dress that has since been seen at classy celebrations and even many a day at the office. Black lends any item of clothing an elegant look. Attention is focussed on the person, who can then set new highlights, with a colourful leather bag on their arm, for example.

Not only in fashion is black a powerful stylistic device. On the stages of theatres and operas all over the world, impressive Bösendorfer and Steinway pianos are nearly always black. It helps them blend into the background, leaving room for the musicians and music. When it comes to the design objects that surround us in our everyday lives, it is also black that really makes the difference. The little black notebook in which we write down our observations, the black fountain pen, the black credit card: it is the fact that they are black that turns them into stylish and classic objects, which discretely provide support in our daily lives.

And now the biggest understatement of our times is increasingly making its way into our living environments as well. Where white once dominated, black is increasingly taking over. From bathrooms to kitchens, mat black surfaces are often used to create an impression of calm and a pleasant atmosphere, with the blurring of edges and boundaries. Just like the little black dress, black surfaces stand for modern life, in which new highlights are being set, drawing attention to what really counts. The food on the plate, the fresh flowers in the colourful vase on the table – or even a new red lipstick.

“Black gives us the potential to completely redesign rooms. Providing more depth, more calm and even more spirituality in our otherwise so breathless everyday lives.”

Jörg Dietz, Head of Design bei SURTECO


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