Processing Information for a perfect jointless look with the FUSION-EDGE

FUSION-EDGE is a plastic edge with an intelligent extra functional layer that takes over gluing as well as a portion of the application features, such as millability. Using a heat source (laser, Hot-Air or NIR) the functional layer melts to bond seamlessly with the wood panel.

The colour of the functional layer is the same as the edge itself, making visible glue joints a thing of the past. Ageing of the hidden glue joint is practically unknown. This additional intelligent layer can be processed into an aesthetic and permanently functioning component using any common modern joining technology. In processing, you can completely forgo the well-known additional melt adhesives. This facilitates processing for the user.


Do you need an edge but don’t want a joint? Our solution is called FUSION EDGE.  


How to? The processing information offer important facts to:

  • FUSION-EDGE General characteristics
  • Material Characteristics
  • Areas of Application
  • Machine Processing
  • Manual Processing
  • Stationary Processing
  • Seam appearance
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Thermal Properties
  • Chemical Properties
  • Paintwork
  • Colour Fastness
  • Surface Quality
  • Cleaning
  • Storage
  • Disposal
  • Quality/Tolerances
  • Technical Data Overview
  • Diagnosis of problems
  • FUSION-EDGE Product Variants