Revival of textiles in living environments

A chat with Luisa Kästle, a textile design graduate who is now a designer at SURTECO, about observing trends – and how a trend can be turned into a new decor.


The world of textiles is vast. As we get right up close and run our hands over the fabrics, we can have a chat about the material they are made from: cotton, velvet, felt, silk, linen. If we take a step back, we can look at the colours and patterns: azure blue, pearl white, geometric lines, floral shapes. And if we change our perspective once again and look at the big picture as a whole, we can see the stories the fabrics are trying to tell. The textile reveals cultural and historical aspects, as well as artistic and handicraft skills. And once again a new trend for our era: a longing for tradition, handicraft and a sense of feel.

If you want to discover new trends, you need to be right in the middle of the action. In the middle of life, in the middle of society. Observing, changing perspectives and seeing connections. The evidence of these kinds of observations can be found on Luisa Kästle’s desk: catalogues, magazines, objects. And two important pieces of equipment that she must keep with her at all times. “I always have my camera and notebook with me. They help me to capture everything worth noting and everything that inspires me”, says Luisa as she swipes right on her iPad through the image gallery. Back to spring 2019. The photos are of fabrics. “This is where it all began with the latest new decor.” Right here. This is the “Spring fabric” in Munich on Prater Island. A retrospective.


The whole conversation with our designer Luisa Kästle and what has inspired her to develop the decor Avril is readable in our Design Story.