SURTECO Aqua-Stop-Pen with an ecologically improved recipe

Is your furniture exposed to a humid environment or frequent soiling? Do you want to protect endangered areas from dirt, water or steam to prevent the wood-based panels from swelling and thus complaints?

You can use the SURTECO-Aqua-Stop-Pen to seal your furniture panels quite simply and invisibly. By applying the pencil once to the panel joint, the panel joint becomes waterproof, water vapor resistant and also dirt repellent.

The new, improved formulation of SURTECO-Aqua-Stop-Pen is more gentle on the environment and health. This is because the solvent balance of the pen has been made more environmentally friendly and less expensive with a new formula, while maintaining the same performance.

The consequence: less danger symbols on the label, ecological and economical advantages for you as dealer, user or craftsman.