Decor variants
Always the right design

Every piece of furniture has its own character and every interior design concept has special requirements. This is why we offer you the utmost in variety: our range currently features 30,000 different decor variants, matched perfectly to the collections of the largest panel manufacturers. Additionally, we have a selection of individual designs that we expand each year by up to 2,000 new additions. From wood to metallic look, uni-colour or multi-coloured; with our high-precision printing technology, we create premium plastic edges and emboss a wide range of textures directly into the plastic. Our 3D edges are unique, which achieve a true three-dimensional look through special colour and contrast brilliance.

Benefits at a glance:

  • High-quality printing technology
  • Embossed textures for a tactile surface
  • Plastic always dyed through and colour-coordinated
  • High-quality pigments for the most demanding requirements
  • Suitable for any panel template
  • Innovative product developments

The natural colouring and the special feel make it a classic amongst the varieties of contrast edges. We offer tried-and-tested wood looks and modern variations such as combinations with metallic. Suitable for 3D, ABS, PVC and PP edges.


Our special digital printing process makes it possible to apply two decors to one edge. For example, the decor of the niche rear wall or the kitchen front can be incorporated as the core in the worktop. Suitable for PP and ABS edges.


The combination of a unicolour front with edges in natural layer optics simulates an inlaid panel. The colour contrast sets modern accents. Suitable for ABS edges.


From aluminium to stainless steel, from matt to brushed, from smooth to corrugated; we have a broad selection of metallic-look edge design, which are as varied as the range of panels throughout the industry. Suitable for 3D, ABS, PVC and PP edges.

Wood decor

You’re looking for an authentic wood look? With our special extrusion technology, it is even possible to achieve a grain throughout, so the decor is retained even with milled radii. Suitable for ABS, PVC and 3D edges. The surface is sealed with UV-cured acrylic varnish.

Stone decor

We have perfected the printing of complex pebble decors in such a way that the surfaces appear as lively and natural as possible. Suitable for ABS, PVC and PP edges. ABS and PP edges are also available as digital prints.

3D unicolor

Because unicolour edge bands are so versatile, our selection is particularly large. All colour shades have a high level of lasting brilliance. Suitable for 3D edges.


We exclusively use premium pigments and dye the plastic evenly throughout, so that all hues remain permanently brilliant. ABS, PVC and PP edges are available in unicolour.


You can achieve sophisticated design effects by combining two colours in two layers of different thicknesses. All colour combinations are possible.


Individual designs? Thanks to digital printing technology, there are no limits to your creativity. Even unusual, multi-coloured decors can be printed without any problems. Suitable for PP and ABS edges.


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