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Curious about fresh and innovative designs?  Look no further, the Design Gallery offers a curated collection of inspiration.

Wood Grains

Cooper Walnut

Cooper Walnut is a casual design, characterized by a soft linear pattern with slight curls and waves. The subtle cracks and knots add visual interst. The toasty brown coloration is highlighted with a light greyish undertone.

Reference: 03239pw Cooper Walnut V3-1

Zen Oak

A wide European oak, with suble cathedrals and easy undulations.  The warm coloration is soft and balanced, creating a relaxing, comforting feel.

Reference: 03317pw Zen Oak V1 C5

Tidal Creek

This classic oak design was inspired by the ebb and flow of the ocean tide.  The organic greige hue was ehanced but the ocean water's salinity, creating a soft white waxing.

Reference: 03377pw Tidal Creek V1


Stone Designs

Dark and Stormy

Reminiscent of a dark and stormy night, this exhilarating marble gets its name from the lighting like white veining and grey storm clouds.

Reference: 03323ps Dark and Stormy V2 C2


An elegant cream, greige marble with variable shades of soft color.  The mysterious graphite veining adds highlight, as the background has a stunning semi translucent feel.

Reference: 03365 Michelangelo V2


The Hera is a dark toned marble identified by its eye-catching beauty.  The warm brown color and features of white crystals and veins are striking, adding a visual tactillity.

Reference: 03370ps Hera V1 C3


Abstract Designs


Plexus has a feeling of a well traveled urban path. Views of weathered architecture come to mind.

Reference: 03354pa Plexus V1


Enchanted, a return to nature with the feel of worn travertine.  This design was modernized with natural shaved mica creating an urban 3D effect.

Reference: 03356pa Enchanted V7


Fresh from the Design-Lab:
The decor of the month March

Cai Lun


handcrafted paper, natural, directionless


surface, furniture

About the decor Cai Lun

Historical records often credit the invention of paper to Cai Lun, a dignitary of the Imperial Court of China who first documented papermaking in 105 AD. Paper is still an important raw material today, and furniture made of paper is enjoying more popularity than ever before. With Cai Lun, we have taken the special style of handcrafted paper and transformed it into a high-quality décor. There is a wide variety of techniques and a myriad of natural materials to produce hand-created paper. Fresh flowers, flax, and grasses have been included into our Cai Lun design. This sophisticated paper variation is the perfect fit for everything from rustic to modern living environments and attests to a high standard of quality and sustainability.