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Cologne/Buttenwiesen, 21. May 2019 – A high level of design competence is important for SURTECO. A dedicated area has been created on the website in order to match this status. How are trends actually created? What do social changes have to do with developments of SURTECO? Currently changes and experiencing interesting developments are identifyed.


Trend: Awarism – Living the beauty of the simple being.

Deceleration. We reduce the tempo of life and open up space: for a more conscious perception of our world and ourselves. We reflect what is happening around us and our involvement in it. We have accumulated far too much baggage – both material and nonmaterial. Time plays a central role – as does the question of proportionality. We tidy up and stick to removing anything superfluous. ‘Less rather than ever more’: that is our credo for separating ourselves from things and making space for the essential. The process and the right attitude are more important to us than the result.

calm – aware – gentle – attentive – simple – minimalist


Trend: Realsense – We feel our roots wherever we go.

Global, urban, digital: the whole world fits in our bags these days. It is only a fingertip on our smartphone away. We are connected to it around the clock. At the same time, this connection to people, places and possibilities is built on distance – created from technological codes and smoothly polished screens. The character of this technological world increasingly awakens our need for the original connection that needs no intermediary: connection with nature. We want to experience things with all our senses again. To feel genuine textures and haptics that touch us and keep our feet on the ground. We want to give space back to nature and bring it into harmony with our urban lifestyle. For a natural, fulfilled life – in the middle of the digitised world.

natural – warm – sophisticated – original – grounded


Trend: Urbanamic – The city she loves us, and we love her.

Mobile, networked, autonomous: we know our way around the world. Metropolises are the hubs that take us to other experience spaces, our catalysts of cultural influences. We flexibly adapt what touches us and thus integrate it into our sense of style, balancing tensions as a matter of course. In this way, we establish an optimised juxtaposition and togetherness of individual facets: we need the well-grounded connection with nature as much as pulsating bigcity life; we maintain our personal place of refuge and, at the same time, participate more intensely than ever in social events; our curiosity feeds on the cultural diversity of foreign countries and the manifold stimuli of our digital worlds. These are slick contrasts, out of all of which the reflection of our self-image is composed – always ready to adapt the next stimulus.

filigree – opulent – simple – lavish – aware of origins – modern – urban – floral


Trend: Respire – We close the circles and create a better world.

Tracks. We leave them every day. Some good ones, but also tracks with damaging consequences: on the Earth’s ecosystem and on our immediate environment. We have realised that the melting of the icebergs is partly connected to the way we live in Europe and elsewhere in the world – everything is connected. We have recognised the consequences of our actions and want to make use of that fact. There are no limits to creativity: we work with what the environment drops in front of our feet. We create new materials and substances from waste to close the circle. We combine things in new ways to help design the future in a positive way. We leave behind good tracks.

living – sustainable – recycled – functional – inspiring


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