Industry solutions

Special rooms require special solutions.

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Edgebanding provide the perfect transition. 

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Diverse solutions. A worldwide team.

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Our vision
We make rooms worth living in.

People spent significant proportion of their lives indoors. Our vision is to make this environment stylish and comfortable with our surfaces. The goal is simple at its core: perfection in design, colour, gloss and haptics. But getting there requires years of experience: in order to achieve decor uniformity of both edgebanding and surface as well as baseboards and flooring, the elements must be individually combinable and perfectly matched to one another – across all substrates, materials and technologies. Design and surface technology in the highest quality and from one casting: this is the only way to achieve a perfect decorative effect on the furniture and in the room.

SURTECO design decors and edges
Surfaces make rooms

Surfaces are crucial when it comes to whether we feel comfortable in a room or not. This good feeling is an essential benchmark for you – and therefore for us. As one of the world’s leading full-service providers of decorative surfaces, we develop perfectly matched products for all materials in terms of design, colour and surface. Ideal for rooms we want to live in today and in the future.

Design quality demands expectations

That means that we are committed to design expertise and work towards it every day, to always be able to offer you the most relevant new designs.

The right edge for almost all decors. In our edge finder.

Edge finder

SURTECO industry solutions
Because a door isn’t just a door, and a cupboard isn’t just a cupboard

An idea is only ever as good as its implementation. Speaking in terms of decor, this means the better you know the application, the better you can design the product with its application in mind. Which is why we don’t think in terms of products, but rather in terms of industry solutions. Be it for a kitchen, living room, office or caravan – we deliver the perfect solution for any industry. This requires many years of experience, but it also enables us to quickly react to current developments. And to your individual requirements: with a high degree of process efficiency and abbreviated development cycles.

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