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What solutions will people need tomorrow? How will we live in the future? We are always curious and look everywhere for new ideas. The result is truly unique decors. We combine sophisticated design with cutting-edge technology, always in close dialogue with you, our customers. As a result, we design innovative solutions that cause excitement at first sight. And second. And third.

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How do trends actually begin? What do changes in society have to do with the developments from SURTECO? We track current changes and trace interesting developments. Read what will be relevant tomorrow, today: in the SURTECO Design Stories.

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We have the utmost confidence in our expertise as well as the quality of our designs. But we gain even more confidence when others express the same sentiment by presenting us with awards and prizes.

Pro K Award: DIGITAL-EDGE 2015

Fresh from the Design-Lab:
The decor of the month March

Cai Lun


handcrafted paper, natural, directionless


surface, furniture

About the decor Cai Lun

Historical records often credit the invention of paper to Cai Lun, a dignitary of the Imperial Court of China who first documented papermaking in 105 AD. Paper is still an important raw material today, and furniture made of paper is enjoying more popularity than ever before. With Cai Lun, we have taken the special style of handcrafted paper and transformed it into a high-quality décor. There is a wide variety of techniques and a myriad of natural materials to produce hand-created paper. Fresh flowers, flax, and grasses have been included into our Cai Lun design. This sophisticated paper variation is the perfect fit for everything from rustic to modern living environments and attests to a high standard of quality and sustainability.