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What solutions will people need tomorrow? How will we live in the future? We are always curious and look everywhere for new ideas. The result is truly unique decors. We combine sophisticated design with cutting-edge technology, always in close dialogue with you, our customers. As a result, we design innovative solutions that cause excitement at first sight. And second. And third.

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How do trends actually begin? What do changes in society have to do with the developments from SURTECO? We track current changes and trace interesting developments. Read what will be relevant tomorrow, today: in the SURTECO Design Stories.

Awarism – Living the beauty of the simple being | one of the trends that you can discover on our design stories platform from May.

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We have the utmost confidence in our expertise as well as the quality of our designs. But we gain even more confidence when others express the same sentiment by presenting us with awards and prizes.

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Are you looking for new designs? Do you need inspiration for your own work? Peruse our galleries and find your inspiration amongst our latest decors, edge ideas and surface technologies.

Fresh from the designlab:
the decor of the month January



fabric, 3D effect, fake solid colour, longwise and cross bound


surface – front, corpus, panel, highlighter

About the decor

The design Avril is the impression of a natural plain weave. The irregularities in the fabric are small nodules in the fibres which have the handcrafted appearance of a hand-spun yarn. The three-dimensional effect, refined with a haptic, convincingly conveys a genuine fabric structure. "Avril" transforms surfaces into cosy objects you want to touch and is a discovery of the annual textile trend show, the „Münchner Stoff Frühling”.