Trends 2024/25
Creative specialities from the world of design

Trend is now – trend is the future. Trend is what you desire, what you love, what you experience. Trends are created by inventing and trying things out, by experimenting with ideas and innovations. Be inspired by our current trend directions and discover the latest designs and the various trends and developments towards new styles and the trends of tomorrow.

Keeping pace with the times

The room is bright and spacious with large windows that let in plenty of natural light. The walls are a warm colour that contrasts nicely with the furniture and creates a cosy atmosphere. The furniture itself is a composition of fine stone decor on the fronts (Sajama) and attractive elm wood in the body (Montalto). Light and elegantly curved shapes combined with calm unit colours create a stylish, modern naturalness.

ACTIVE LIVING – society trends

Active Living is a trend or lifestyle that actively involves individuals in practices that promote personal well-being, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. The focus is on the reuse of materials and the introduction of circular economy processes to prevent waste. By growing food and reusing items, individuals are encouraged to become self-sufficient. This active approach enables everyone to have a positive influence on their own life and the world around them.

ACTIVE LIVING – interior trends

When it comes to furniture, the focus is on designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Sustainable furniture design is not limited to the use of environmentally friendly materials, but also takes into account the principles of durability and longevity. The aim is to create durable furniture that needs to be replaced less frequently and to minimise the associated environmental impact. Certifications such as FSC, REACH, ISCC and carbon footprint certification play an important role in ensuring sustainable practices and transparency in the furniture industry. Get active and help yourself and our environment!

ACTIVE LIVING – material trends

Wood from sustainably managed forests is a popular choice for sustainable furniture. Nothing has to be perfect! Natural fibres such as cotton, wool or hemp are also easy to use, renewable and biodegradable. Furniture can be made from recycled materials such as plastic, metal or wood. This helps to avoid waste and minimises the need for new resources. The colours of nature celebrate their appearance: Very calm, from warm beige and brown tones to greenish nuances.


A mix of styles par excellence

A living space is more than just a place to live. It is an expression of one's own personality, creativity and joie de vivre. One example of this is this section of a modern living room. The sideboard made of fine chestnut wood (Castagno Veleta) is a beautiful eye-catcher in a colour-coordinated ambience and offers space for books, vases and other decorative elements that give the room an individual touch. The metal chair with a woven seat invites you to read and relax.

UNIQUE LIVING – society trends

People long for harmony and happiness! Everyone wants to experience lightness and individuality. Life is short so one must live it to the full. Each of us gathers our own experiences and tries to find joy in them by looking to the future. We are grateful for what we have and accept both modernity and history. This trend is characterised by a harmonious mix of materials, colours and shapes and has an irresistible expression. Different styles from different eras merge seamlessly into one another. The concept of eclecticism is reinterpreted in this context. Be yourself, live uniquely!

UNIQUE LIVING – interior trends

Material mix is a growing trend in furniture and interior design, in which a variety of materials are used in a single piece of furniture. Metal, stone, glass and wood are some of the most commonly used materials in this design style. Designers and individuals alike are encouraged to explore new ideas, experiment with different combinations and ultimately create spaces that reflect their unique personality.

UNIQUE LIVING – material trends

The type of wood is not decisive. Whether timeless, striped wood or striking, unusual wood, the key lies in the variety and the possible combinations. Whether elegant and luxurious or rustic, mixing and matching is the order of the day here. Stone and marble are used in unexpected ways. Designers integrate these materials into furniture such as coffee tables, side tables and even bed frames. For a long time, stone and marble were used in black and white or in muted colours. But the trend continues. Why not try marble in green, blue or red? Bold and geometric patterns are often used in this trend. Adding bold colours or just a splash of colour will accentuate this style. Nevertheless, there are no limits.


Luxury meets functionality

The kitchen is in a light colour that forms a pleasant contrast to the natural-coloured floor and dark side walls. The kitchen front and the cooking island feature an attractive concrete surface (photos) with a modern aesthetic. A harmonious blend of functionality and a touch of luxury. The spacious room with its floor-to-ceiling windows invites you to linger. Fresh herbs add a personal touch. Here you won't just want to cook – you’ll want to drink cocktails, enjoy coffee and spend time together.


OPTIMIZED LIVING – society trends

In our digitalised world, there are endless opportunities to optimise our daily processes. Artificial intelligence relieves us of tasks and allows us to concentrate on the essentials. Simplifying life is a key concept that emphasises the essentials and promotes clarity, productivity and calm. Efficiency, functionality and ergonomics are integrated into our living spaces with warm minimalism, reducing clutter and increasing comfort while using high-quality materials.

OPTIMIZED LIVING – interior trends

Functionality, simplicity and flexibility play an important role in this trend. We have recognised the dynamics of modern life and designed our living spaces in such a way that they can adapt to and accommodate different needs and activities. Furniture and design elements that offer flexibility and versatility, such as modular systems, convertible pieces and customisable floor plans, allow us to effortlessly reconfigure our interiors as circumstances change.

OPTIMIZED LIVING – material trends

The warm minimalism incorporates high-quality materials such as metal, stone and marble to create a balance between simplicity and luxury. Calm woods such as oak, walnut or cypress create a tranquil ambience, while high-quality materials add sophistication. Clean lines and simplicity are emphasised by the enduring beauty of metal, stone and marble, creating a harmonious blend of functionality and luxurious appeal.