Edgeband ideas
The edge declares its independence from the surface

Especially with regard to furniture design, an edgeband can greatly increase design possibilities. For this reason, we are constantly developing new ideas to free the edgeband from the surface as its own design element in order to expand our portfolio of edgeband products. With our pioneering joining technologies, we set standards in decor laminates and our creative new products provide tangible haptics. Our technological advantage makes it possible.

Highlight edgebanding
Design quality from start to finish


Customised, innovative and with unlimited printing options at 105 millimetres – using a newly developed technology, it is now possible for the first time to recreate custom motifs (logos, photos, lettering, graphic design) on thermoplastic edgebands. Repeated lengths of more than 2,500 millimetres are possible, and the edgebands are available in gloss levels ranging from matt to high gloss. 


Robust, soft, appealing – extremely scratch- and marking-resistant, these edges provide a special haptic experience: their soft surfaces have a downright velvety feel.


Modern, attractive, atmospheric – the combination of unicolour fronts with COMPACT STYLE visually simulates a coloured laminate with a natural-looking inlaid panel. The edgeband thus sets a striking accent and visibly enhances every piece of furniture.