The characteristics in terms of both look and feel of this product, which can be used anywhere, combine an ultra-matt finish with a velvety-soft feel and anti-fingerprint properties – and make unique ultra-matt textures possible. Pressure and temperature transfer the acrylic coating, which can be used on both decors and unicolour surfaces, to precondensed melamine films. Dark colours in particular appear extremely authentic. For the first time, existing textures can also be finished with ultra-matt gloss levels using this technique.

Coating: Tecotop is a solvent-free coating on the basis of radiation-curable polymers, free from nanoparticles.
Anwendung: suitable for surface finishes in continuous processing (CPL/CHPL) of laminates in vertical application. The material is processed directly from the roll.
Ecology and disposal: free from toxic heavy metals and technically free from chromium and chlorine.


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