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Three brands, one shared vision: SURTECO DECOR, Döllken Kunststoffverarbeitung and BauschLinnemann have joined forces, perfecting their products and increasing the number of ways in which ideas can be turned into reality. The three have become one: the global company SURTECO GmbH. This groundbreaking collaboration reflects our vision of the optimal system network. An extensive portfolio, a holistic system, a world full of inspiration: all over the world, we offer our customers in various industries a diverse range of professional solutions from a single source.


As experts in creative design and technologically advanced surfaces, we develop new ideas and products that move people and make trends come alive. To achieve this diversity of design, we keep our finger on the pulse with a close eye on the natural world. The result is our perfectly coordinated product portfolio which contains individual decors and varied designs based on precisely compared decor data.


Design, colour, gloss and feel – individual combinations that can be perfectly coordinated for all substrates, materials and technologies. We are a one-stop shop for first-class decors, surfaces and edges. This requires years of experience with a wide range of processes and technologies as well as a thirst for knowledge and the drive to constantly review our solutions. Only in this way can we achieve perfection and respond quickly to our customers’ needs and current market developments.

Key area of expertise – combinations
True quality is perfect from start to finish

We provide more than a product: we provide holistic decor solutions. Coming from a single source, these are always perfectly matched. With our many years of experience, our technical know-how and our design expertise, we are the perfect full-service provider for decorative surfaces.

SURTECO Design Factory
The centre of design expertise

Our headquarters in Buttenwiesen is also home to the centre of our design expertise: the Design Factory, where our creative employees work daily on new ideas, trends and designs, exchange ideas and inspire each other. And you, the customer, can also play an active role here. A total of 1,000 square metres of exhibition space and rooms for customer meetings and conferences offer you, together with our designers and developers, the space to create new ideas – a creative design workshop with multifunctional exhibits. Come visit us at the Design Factory in Buttenwiesen – and we’ll help you get to where you want to go, faster.

Colour samples, material samples, decor examples, sample furniture, exhibits etc.: The Design Factory literally offers the ideal scope for new ideas.

Support and Services
Good help is fast and direct

Whether you are looking for a product or for information, whether you need the perfect edge for your surface or an exclusive solution: we’ll be by your side in all phases. Reliable and down to earth.

Development partner for technology and designs
Achieving more together

Innovations are what drive us. As a development partner, we work with you to create innovative solutions that increase the possibilities of surfaces in terms of haptics and optics. No matter what you have in mind, we can develop it together.

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Quality assurance
There is always a little room to improve

Quality does not begin with the product; it begins with the consultation: on the right design for the right application. Quality continues into highly professional customer care, and is ultimately demonstrated in the product and its flawless finish. It is only in this way – as a process and with continual improvement – that quality becomes a customer benefit.

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Corporate policy
We pledge

We expressly pledge the following:

To our customers

  • To provide high-quality products that meet their requirements
  • To ensure flexible and on-time delivery
  • To guarantee the best possible service and advice with regard to both application technology as well as commercial matters

To our employees

  • To promote their awareness of responsibility, quality and the environment
  • To protect them from dangers to their health and their employment
  • To impart knowledge and expertise through the use of continuing education and training courses
  • To actively involve them in the continuous improvement process

To protect the environment

  • By minimising our impact on the environment, working against climate change and constantly improving our environmental performance
  • By reducing energy consumption over the long term as well as continuously improving energy efficiency

In addition to the satisfaction of our customers and employees, environmental and climate protection, social responsibility and the environmentally friendly use of resources and energy are an integral part of our operating activities.

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Environmental management
Sustainability means corporate value

A commitment to the environment is a part of our corporate philosophy. Our business activities are oriented towards the principle of sustainable development, which provides for meeting ambitious environmental standards, the careful handling of the natural bases of life and the efficient use of energy. We have established management systems for the environment and energy in order to realise these standards.

TÜV Süd certificate ISO 14001 (for Buttenwiesen and Sassenberg)

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Environmentally friendly products
We take care

We print on fundamentally chlorine-free bleached paper which is produced using regenerative wood or wood waste, thereby conserving fossil fuel resources. Our printed decorative paper, finish foils and edges are available as FSC®-C104547 (Forest Stewardship Council®) and PEFC™/04-31-2473 (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified products.

Our impregnations and varnish systems are water-based and free from hazardous heavy metals or other substances of concern. Our range includes a variety of products manufactured using low formaldehyde varnishes.

All residual materials that accumulate during the production of our products are environmentally friendly and can be recycled without any problems. These are then used in the company’s own special plants for its own energy requirements.

Through the integration of innovative technologies, we fall significantly below the legislative requirements with regard to air quality. We were the first company in our industry to invest in environmentally friendly biological exhaust air cleaning systems for the after-treatment of all our production exhaust air. Microorganisms take on the task of degrading substances present in the exhaust air.

Clean air – GREENGUARD Gold Certification for all Döllken edges

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Conservation of resources through closed-loop recycling

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Life cycle assessment (LCA) of products in accordance with ISO 14040

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Solvent-free, water-based printing inks and primer systems

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Sustainable Forestry - FSC® Chain of Custody

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Sustainable Forestry - PEFC™ Chain of Custody

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Environmental and energy policy
We set the right course

We have pledged to protect the environment of our own volition and responsibility, which involves pursuing the goal of minimising our environmental impact and understanding compliance with laws, regulations, guidelines and official requirements as a minimum standard.

We assess the environmental impact of new activities or products in advance, advise our customers in detail on questions of environmental protection when handling our products and motivate our employees to behave in an environmentally conscious manner. We also pledge to reduce our energy consumption over the long term, increase our energy efficiency and continuously improve our environmental and energy performance.

TÜV Süd certificate ISO 50001

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Design quality demands expectations

‘We create. We innovate.’ And that’s not just our slogan, it’s our expectation. That means that we are committed to design expertise and work towards it every day, to always be able to offer you the most relevant new designs.


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The heart of Surteco beats internationally.

Our locations are at home all over the world.

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