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Would you like an overview of our new decors? No problem: simply pay a visit to our virtual exhibition. In the decor gallery, you can find selected highlight decors, which match the contemporary zeitgeist and the needs of the market in equal measure. Let yourself be inspired.

timber decors


The appearance of the decor Linn resembles that of unblemished wood from a lime tree with a decidedly silky soft look that inspires the onlooker to experience the haptic feel.

Application: Surface
Characteristics: full and cut flowers


Remedy is a quiet, elegant wooden interpretation with natural charm and light plank playing.

Application: Floor
Description: full flowers, few small branches

James Cook

James Cook is a rustic planky pine of varying width with many contrasts that make a floor look very lively.

Application: Floor
Description: knotty, full flowers with cracks

Eiche Ribbeck

The playfully lively look is generated by generous flower impressions harmoniously combined with subtle miniature mirrors.

Application: Surface
Characteristics: without planking, cut flowers, enhanced nature

Esche Belarus

The “Belarus” decor has a wildly elegant look reminiscent of ash. The untamed beauty highlighted with colour texture in lively flowers creates a relaxed impression of infinite proportions.

Application: kitchen, living room, bathroom
Description: Inclusions in the flowers, slightly planked

stone decors


The decoration Latemar is an impression of mastic asphalt with small stones in directionless arrangement.

Application: Worktop
Characteristics: retro chic, directionless


Bernini looks like a generous marble with quartz inclusions.

Application: Worktops, Floor
Characteristics: large area, quartz inclusions, wild elegance

Breccia Agrippina

Breccia Agrippinais a variety of rock made up of fragments of minerals and rocks cemented together as a result of glacial action

Application: Surface allover, Worktop, Floor
Characteristics: Breccia, no particular direction, timeless

fantasy decors


Rocket has the appearance of metal or flamed sheet metal.

Application: Allover, Wall, Front, Worktop, Floor
Characteristics: large surface, industrial look


Meton is a creation of metal and concrete. Colour nuances and the matching haptic effect determine the visual perception of this surface.

Application: Surface allover, Flooring, Furniture front, Wall panels, Worktop
Characteristics: concrete & metal look, pure materiality

Fresh from the designlab:
the decor of the month September



full flowers, cracks, small knots, noble, modern, natural, wild


allover flooring

About the decor

“Helmsley”, named after the medieval Helmsley Castle in North Yorkshire, is a distinguished all-over flooring design inspired by our furniture decor “Whitby”. The original wooden Helmsley Castle was converted into a stone castle in the year 1186. The former knights’ hall later became a stately Tudor manor. Helmsley is a noble, modern and highly expressive flooring. Its beautiful play of colours highlights any room. Full flowers, cracks and small knots pair a natural, wild beauty with discreet elegance.


digitally printed decors

Viamala Eiche

Viamala is a digital design - the width of the special rods can be individually scaled. The wood structure has a restrained oak grain and a subtle play of colours.

Application: Furniture, front, accent
Characteristic: rods optics/3-dimensional joint, digital

Toro und Megatron

A noble leather impression that can only be realized digitally in this special combination with the impressive Megatron, a noble, puristic design.

Application: Application, surface
Design Characteristic: hand flattering leather structure

Minerva Shriveled und Visby Oak

Minerva, consisting of fine cross stitches reminds of homely times and thus meets the current spirit of time. In combination with the discreet oak Visby Oak, a completely new look is created.

Application: Surface, Caravan
Description: cut flowers, handcrafted, graphical