Paper-based melamine edges
Decor meets design

Edges have to be tough, long-lasting and should create the best possible connection with the surface decor. This is no problem for our melamine edges, which we print on the basis of lightfast speciality papers with plain colours, wood or fantasy decors and then impregnate with thermosetting resins. Embossing is applied directly to the final coat of varnish. This complex manufacturing process makes our melamine edge bands aesthetically unique and versatile; from straight and profiled narrow surfaces to the coating of door folds.

TECOLINE P for straight edges
  • Endless single-layer edging strips from a roll
  • Durable surface finish
  • made of lightfast special papers
  • Impregnated with thermosetting resins
  • Diverse plain colour variations and decorations
  • Decoration can be individually adjusted to your board made of composite wood material
  • Roll widths from 18 mm
  • Further processing on all edge banding machines (PVAc and hot-melt adhesive)
  • Optionally coated with hot-melt adhesive
TECOLINE F for door fold edges
  • Endless single-layer edge strips from the roll
  • Durable finish surface
  • Made of lightfast speciality papers
  • Impregnated with thermosetting resins
  • Different unicolour varieties and decors
  • Decor individually adjustable to your wood-based panel
  • Further processing on all door fold edge bonding machines (reverse-side application)
  • Optionally with hot-melt adhesive coating
  • High flexibility and formability in warm state
  • Can be formed to a right angle
  • Perfectly coordinated with our door selection and the door frame foil TECOFOIL T
TECOLINE S for profiled narrow surfaces
  • Endless single-layer edge strips from the roll
  • Durable finish surface
  • Made of lightfast speciality papers
  • Impregnated with thermosetting resins
  • Different unicolour varieties and decors
  • Decor individually adjustable to your wood-based panel
  • Optionally with hot-melt adhesive coating
  • Coating of profiled narrow surfaces even with narrow radii
Digital print

Do you need a tailored solution and quickly at that? Thanks to digital printing, we can produce your desired pattern even in small amounts.

  • From 80 square metres > one production roll in 320-millimetre usable width (edge pre-cut possible)
  • From 160 square metres > one production roll in 635 mm/640 mm-millimetre usable width (edge pre-cut possible)
  • Optionally available in different gloss levels
  • Also as textured Haptronic surface upon request
  • Optionally with hot-melt adhesive coating (additional day delivery time)
  • On any substrateSoft-forming and door fold edges are possible

Our edge surfaces are particularly robust and durable because we seal them all with chemically resistant varnishes based on combinations of acrylics or amines with resin.

Here you can find our surfaces, gloss levels and textures

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You are in a hurry and have little storage space? We deliver our paper-based melamine edges in small quantities within four working days - as softforming and straight edges and, on request, also with HSK backing.

  • From 150 to 900 square metres
  • Delivery time of four working days
  • As softforming or straight edge
  • Optionally with reverse-side HSK coating (one additional day)

Further information about our technical edge surfaces, different gloss levels and textures

TECOLINE SPEED edge finder

Edge reverse sides

Upon request, our melamine edges can be sanded on the back or pre-coated with adhesives, which facilitates further processing.

Sanded surfaces for greater adhesion to furniture in special processing techniques, such as PVAc bonding.

EVA and PU hot-melt adhesive
Coating with EVA hot-melt adhesive (normal and high-heat-resistant) or polyurethane hot-melt adhesive for industrial, tradecraft and DIY processing.

Adhesive agent
Coating with polyurethane adhesive agent for the secure bonding of our edges with polyamide hotmelt adhesives or urea or other bonding systems.

Laser functional layer
Laser functional layer for the perfect connection of panel and edge (visually jointless). Compatible with all common joining technologies and heat sources.

PVAc coating
Pre-coating of the edges with polyvinyl acetate for easier further processing in the thermal-activation process.

The right edge for almost all decors: in our edge finder

Edge finder



Design quality demands expectations

That means that we are committed to design expertise and work towards it every day, to always be able to offer you the most relevant new designs.

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