3D edges
Especially creative

Are you looking for an edge that turns your furniture into designer pieces? Our 3D edges have the potential. It is made of high-quality, crystal-clear acrylic and has a special optical depth effect, which is created by the decor applied to the reverse side. In practice, this has the advantage that the décor image is completely retained even when milling radii and chamfers. Because only the transparent layer is removed, there are no more unattractive frame effects. In addition, the decor remains permanently protected against damage. The surface can be polished to the desired level of gloss.

3D SPACE WAVE advantages at a glance:

  • New textures in edge band design
  • Connection of edge and design features in the room
  • Extreme depth effect
  • Low maintenance
  • Additional embedded co-extrusion
  • Easy further processing
  • Trend colours available from stock

Do you want the utmost in three-dimensional look? Additional embedded co-extrusion enhances the depth effect of our 3D Space Wave edge bands. The surface is particularly easy to clean thanks to a special high-gloss finish. Since both the visible and the reverse side are smooth, further processing of the PMMA edge is also easy – especially for copy and corner milling. From stock, you can choose between the four trend colours of stainless steel, titanium, old bronze and aluminium, and the dimensions of 23 × 1.3 millimetres (ideal for fronts) and 43 × 1.5 millimetres (ideal for worktops). You would like a different colour or need different dimensions? We produce individually according to your specifications.

3D 2in1 Endgrain

Are you looking to implement the current trend theme of the furniture industry in an uncomplicated way? Our 3D 2in1 Endgrain edge looks like the combination of a high-quality glass pane and a solid real-wood panel. The edge bands consist of two colours or decors running next to each other: a glossy unicolour tone that looks like a coloured glass pane and a deceptively real-looking end-grain or crossgrain decor. This has two advantages: the panel is much lighter as well as easier to process.

3D 3in1 Decor

Our 3D 3in1 Decor edge creates a unique unit of panel and edge through the interplay of decor and contrast band. The embedding of the band, which is coordinated with the colour of the front, enables the visual connection of the edge with design elements in the room. Choose your individual colour and decor combination – we produce flexibly according to your wishes.

3D 2in1 Decor

Are you looking for a clever alternative to real glass? Our 3D 2in1 edge bands are made of high quality acrylic, which is particularly brilliant and transparent and thus offers all the advantages of glass. A special depth effect is created by the two colours or decors that are applied to the back and run side by side. Finally, we cover the edges with a special high-gloss varnish.

3D Duogloss

Two levels of gloss on one edge? The special effect of our 3D Duogloss edge is based on the combination of two different surface effects: while the upper part of the edge usually takes up the highgloss appearance of the panel surface, the lower part of the edge has the look of frosted glass. The result is a sophisticated optical and tactile contrast.

The right edge for almost all decors: in our edge finder

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