Reverse sides
Flexible further processing

Upon request, our finish foils can be sanded on the back or pre-coated with adhesives, which facilitates further processing.



Sanded reverse surfaces for greater adhesion to furniture in special processing techniques, such as PVAc bonding.


EVA and PU hot-melt adhesive

Coating with EVA hot-melt adhesive (normal and high-heat-resistant) or polyurethane hot-melt adhesive for industrial, tradecraft and DIY processing.


Adhesive agent

Reverse-side coating with polyurethane adhesive agent for the secure bonding of our finish foils with polyamide hot-melt adhesives or urea or other bonding systems.


Thermoplastic bonding joint

Due to the PVC coating of the reverse side, the finish foil can be pressed directly onto the material by means of a pressure-and-heat process. There is no need for a bonding coating.


Design quality demands expectations

That means that we are committed to design expertise and work towards it every day, to always be able to offer you the most relevant new designs.

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