Technical surfaces
Lacquering without problems

Our lacquered surfaces offer excellent chemical and mechanical resistance. The robust finish foils can be easily processed without sanding with the lacquers commonly used in the furniture industry.



The special lacquer application reduces the adhesion of tapes and thus prevents the furniture surface from being damaged when the adhesive tapes are removed.



Makes surfaces less sensitive and ensures that dirt and grease do not adhere. The perfect coating for furniture that is subjected to heavy everyday use.



The name is derived from seda, Spanish for ‘silk’ – and for good reason: Sedatecs feels soft and luxurious. The super-matt surface is very durable, hardly scratch-sensitive and equipped with anti-fingerprint properties. Particularly suitable for coating interior doors. For the door foils, Sedatec's surfaces even achieve scratch resistance of up to 1.5 N to Erichsen.


Mirror adhesive

Provides high adhesion when using double-sided adhesive tapes. This lacquer is used wherever large area mirrors are to be mounted on furniture.


Design quality demands expectations

That means that we are committed to design expertise and work towards it every day, to always be able to offer you the most relevant new designs.

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