PP films
For panels and profiles

Our PP films can be shaped perfectly and are therefore suitable for 1D and 2D processing on panels and profiles. For increased durability, we finish the printed polypropylene with special varnishes, after which the film is textured with the embossing roller. As the embossed textures are comparatively deep, wooden surfaces in particular can be authentically imitated in terms of both look and feel, but fantasy decors and plain shades are also possible.


PP digital
For surfaces and wrappings

Our endless, flexible wrapping foil with a finish surface is free from PVC and plasticisers and can be processed in any machine park without any additional investment. It is suitable for surfaces and wrappings in the furniture and automotive industries, regardless of whether it is for doors, baseboards or panels. The various decors are printed digitally, meaning especially deep embossing textures can be easily depicted. A radiation-cured top coat of varnish seals the surface and gives it durability. The process is intended for 2D use in interior areas.


Design quality demands expectations

That means that we are committed to design expertise and work towards it every day, to always be able to offer you the most relevant new designs.

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