Avril - The impression of a natural plain weave

Trend - Textile sample – New decor

The idea for the decor was born at the beginning of the year 2019 at the annual trade show „Stoff Frühling“ in Munich. International fabric manufacturers and textile editors present their new collections, trends and novelties of the textile and furnishing industry every year there.  They inspire many architects, interior designer and as well our designers.


A grey jute bag immediately fascinated with its fine structure: It matched the trend of urban lifestyle as well as the need for natural looks. A little later in April, where the name "Avril" comes from, our designers started to develop the new textile decor.


"Avril" transforms surfaces into cosy objects you want to touch. The longwise and cross bound fabric with small nodules in the fibres create the handcrafted appearance of a hand-spun yarn. The three-dimensional effect, refined with a haptic, convincingly conveys a genuine fabric structure. The decor is suitable for use on front-surfaces, corpus, panels or as a highlighter.


Our "Avril" meets the increasing desire for textiles in the living environment and with it the desire for structured surfaces and haptic.

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