„be rooted!®“ - the power of a lasting colour

Our rooms are crammed with trends. In a wide variety of forms, materials and colours. In that context, it is primarily the colour that allows walls, objects and furniture to be allocated either to the category of „timeless” or – for shorter periods – to the „trendy” category.


For the longer-lasting option, Katrin de Louw, creative strategist and founder of the design consultancy „Trendfilter”, started COLORNETWORK®. Once a year, she and an expert panel of well-known designers and interior architects search for the particular colour, that has earned the right to become a „sustained colour” because of its longevity and its combinability.


Jörg Dietz, Head of Design at SURTECO and member of the expert panel helped to select the first sustained colour:


„be rooted!®“ – a timeless, earthy brown tone that can be combined with virtually all colours and all types of wood.

The sustained colour number one lets us feel the warmth, the origin of life, like a million micro-organisms in a fistful of soil. The subtle natural hue of „be rooted!®“ encourages us to pause for a moment. It grounds us, roots us, gives us inner peace and a sense of security.


„be rooted!®“ ist bei SURTECO aktuell als ABS Kante und als bedrucktes Dekorpapier erhältlich.


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