The origin as a constant Ancient wine culture makes its way into new living worlds.

Where are we from? Where are we going? Two questions that are constant companions along our journey. The decisive factor is that where we are from helps determine the path we choose to follow. Everything is connected. And to appreciate the stories behind the places, the things and the people, everything around us awakens and takes on life. This is precisely how the story behind the Noa decor went, which SURTECO told in Milan at Fuorisalone via a vivid exhibition.


The Origin
An Inspiration

An antique wine press welcomes us in the entrance area of the exhibition, surrounded by old brick walls and in the light of a huge industrial lamp. The dark spots of coloration on the wood tell the story of the many hard-working hands that left behind their sweat on the press from working to turn thousands of grapes into precious wine.

The upper beams of this very antique press – the oak planks – gave rise to a new decor: Noa. The name of the decor is an allusion to the legend of Noah. According to this legend, Noah ran ashore at the foot of Mount Ararat in the borderlands between Turkey and Armenia. There – on the slopes of the mountain – Noah planted the first grapevines and took pleasure in the juice of the grapes. Thousands of years later – here in Milan – we are following his example and enjoying the world of grapes.

The Path
A Development

We walk past the wine press into the interior of the exhibition space and look in awe upon the giant strips of paper hanging freely from the ceiling. Images of wine cultivation can be seen on the paper: juicy grapes, a vintner, dark-green mountainsides covered in vines. Wine is an artisan craft, touching nature, part of human history and a uniquely enjoyable experience. 

All the stories about wine resulted in a new decor with a one-of-a-kind character: the oak impression is characterised by cracks, signs of wear and a freshly sawn look, as well as weathering and a patina of genuine wine stains. The history of wine cultivation was translated onto the decor, where the story continues. And we continue further into the exhibition.

The New
A Constant

Having blazed a trail through the world of Noa, the decor is brought into the space. A bar – covered with the Noa decor from the surface through to each and every edge – welcomes you to a glass of wine. The guests are chatting happily. Italian words are sprinkled throughout the English, French, Japanese and German conversations.

We place our hand on the decor. We are touched by the newness, because it has sprung forth from something very familiar to us. Our very own history. Regardless of where we’re from and where we are – we understand. So, to us! Prost! Salute! Cheers! 乾杯! Santé!


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